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Offices cleaning  

Businees companies should be kept in pristine shape all the time, and it’s our job to make sure that the appearance reflects the business.

We offer cleaning services to:

  •  Offices

  •  Medical Offices

  •  Banks

  •  Day Cares

  •  Nursing homes

  •  Schools


We remember to review our work. Especially with so many tasks that overlap from room to room, it’s easy to skip over something unintentionally. We notice the little things, in particular we check for trash receptacle liners as they are easily overlooked accidentally. We make sure to clean the HVAC vents as deeply as possible and under the desks where we can. Lighting fixtures, cabinet tops, closets, and public areas should be cleaned and left in perfect condition every time we complete a job.


        Reception is the first place everyone sees when people walk into the office. This is a company’s first impression. 

  1. welcome mats or front door décor straightened out and tidy.

  2. Clean front glass doors on both sides.

  3. Empty all trash receptacles, wipe them down, and replace liners.

  4. wipe down the reception counter, desk, telephone, coffee table or other similar furniture in the room.

  5. Straighten magazines.

  6. Dust tables, chairs, lamps, window shades, vents, and other surfaces.

  7. Vacuum carpets/floors and mop.



  1. Dust shelves, cabinets, and other hard surfaces.

  2. Empty trash receptacles, wipe them down, and replace liners.

  3. Dust computer monitors, keyboards and another computer equipment.

  4. wipe down the desk, phone, and chair arms.

  5. Collect any office kitchenware (plates, utensils, mugs, etc.) and return to the kitchen.

  6. Dust HVAC vents.

  7. dust window blinds/shades and window sill.

  8. Clean glass doors and any other glass surfaces.

  9. Vacuum carpets/floors and mop.


Kitchen/Break area

  1. Empty and clean coffee maker/microwave.

  2. Wash dirty dishes left in the sink.

  3. Clean sink and faucet.

  4. Wash counters.

  5. Straighten items on the countertop and make the area look presentable.

  6. Empty trash and recycling receptacles, disinfect receptacles, and replace liners.

  7. Empty refrigerator of all unclaimed items. (We give the office notice so people can label things they want to keep.)

  8. Wipe down refrigerator shelves and replace items that people want to keep.

  9. Vacuum or sweep and mop floors.



  1. Empty and disinfect trash receptacles and sanitary napkin dispensers (if applicable).

  2. Disinfect sinks, paper towel dispensers, and/or hand-dryers.

  3. Disinfect toilet seats and toilet paper dispensers.

  4. brush to clean the toilet bowl.

  5. wipe down mirror over the sink.

  6. Refill toilet paper, paper towel, and soap dispensers.

  7. Ensure hand dryers work properly.

  8. Vacuum/Sweep and mop floors.



Windows cleaning  

       Establishing a great reputation for your business is very important. workplace's windows can reflect poorly on your business if they accumulate fingerprints, smudges, grime and dust. There are many reasons to keep your business windows clean, but perhaps the best is that while sparkly windows may go unnoticed, dirty and grime-covered windows stick out like a sore thumb. Visitors or tenants pay attention to the appearance of a business and there is only one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one! the type of image the business is attempting to portray to the customers.

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